Our Solutions

KPrinter Suite
KPrinter Suite belongs to a family of robust and intelligent products from KENEX and it is a comprehensive document management system for SWIFT messages. The core components of KPrinter seamlessly integrate with SWIFT Applications on one end and Banking Application on the other End...
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KLink Suite
The KLink Interface module provides S.W.I.F.T. (Society of Worldwide Financial Telecommunications) messaging services including message generation and message upload capabilities.  The KLink has been built on the concept that all financial messaging systems follow similar requirements
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SMARTPay Suite

The SMARTPay System is designed to provide a secure electronic messaging system to financial institutions.
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ECPS Suite

The ECPS enables the production and the receiving of electronic journal files destined to and from the Nairobi clearing house where they get processed for settlement between member banks.
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iNSIGHT provides credit professionals with the information, analysis tools; documentation and collaboration capabilities that they need to profitably manage all types of commercial credit.
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KASCADE is intended to encompass all aspects of HR and not the payroll alone. It treats HR as valuable Capital that needs careful nurturing and continuous management attention. .
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KTeller Suite

In the current financial transactions world, whether huge or small transactions require the outmost verification of the bearer. Thus many financial institutions face this challenges of authentication that the clients are whom they claim to be and that their identity is truly theirs.
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